Mario Adventure 2

Mario Adventure 2

Mario Forever Adventure 2 is a game made using Flash
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Mario Forever Adventure 2 is a game made using Flash. It has cheerful, colorful and detailed graphics, taken from Nintendo's DS Mario Game and converted to be used on this side scroll game, has left some edges a bit sharp, which gives the sensation of sprites having a border. All the sprites are not bound to fixed sizes, which makes the game quite flexible in movement.

Each level provides a lot of obstacles, you'll have to crush enemies, avoid flesh eating plants, jump high over cliffs, and collect coins, and as usual, after collecting the 100 coins you will earn another life to help you on your quest to save Princess Peach.

Some programming bugs are still alive, for example, sometimes the enemy collision is not detected accurately, you might be standing next to a flesh eating plant and it will harm you, despite of the fact you're not really touching it, be careful when approaching enemies, they might be closer than they appear.

This is a good and entertaining option to remember the classic side scroll Mario game combined with very nice looking 3D rasterized graphics and modern music.

Unfortunately, when you get bored and you close the window, the Softendo web site will open automatically, you might ignore this at first, but this will get really annoying after a while.

Jonathan Palencia
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  • Cheerful and happy
  • Colorful
  • Entertaining
  • Will lift your mood


  • Softendo's website opens everytime you close the game
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